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Today I will release finally the serie unpacking tuts about manually unpacking The Enigma Protector !

In this serie I will discuss all protections of Enigma, which are fully detailed as possible.
I have to say thanks to LCF-AT, she helped me alot with this.


1 – Introduction ~ 9:28
2 – Unpacking with patterns ~ 33:03
3 – Finding patch-places without patterns ~ 19:56
4 – Dealing with SDK API’s & Custom Emulated API’s ~ 28:23
5 – Internal & External VM’s (Using Plugin) ~ 5:40
6 – Enigma’s Registration Scheme ~ 15:37
7 – EN-DE-Cryption ~ 33:21
8 – Inline patching + Final Words ~ 11:56
Extra – Enigma v1.02 ~ v1.16 Binary Patterns
Extra – Enigma.Info.v0.11-TSRh
Extra – The Enigma Protector Devirtualizer C++ Source Code.rar
Extra – Commercial Enigma Protected Programs.txt

Download here:

Author : Nieylana


About 1 year ago I released a paper discussing how to modify GameShield/SoftwareShield licenses. While it was an interesting adventure and the limit to the possibilities of the attack remain unknown perhaps it was not the most viable solution to the protector. While the attack showed some vulnerabilities in the protector it did not fully compromise GameShield since it wasn’t easily distributable through the ‘scene’. I have hesitated to discuss Keygenning since it would allow piracy of the games/apps protected with the software, however it is NOT the ARTeam spirit to withhold information from the community. Information is held only long enough to responsibly release it to the world.

Download here:

Author: DoiTUnKBoo

Team : CracksLatinos

First of all I want to note that this tutorial is super newbie level hehe, I do it because as usual when you start to handle applications that know it costs a lot, but in my case it cost me to adapt to Ida but I’ve found that there very little info on Ida in Spanish and what little there is is lost in technicalities that are good when you have a good foundation, it’s like you’re reading Chinese … That said let’s start configuring Ida Pro to patch bytes in real time as we debugeando, for that go to the folder where we have Ida and get into the folder ‘cfg’, within multiple files but we are interested in ‘idagui.cfg ‘.

Download here: