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OllyDbg 2.01

Posted: September 30, 2013 in OllyDbg 2.01

September 27, 2013 – version 2.01

New version with many new features, among them:

  • Help on 77 pages. Please read it first – most of new features are described there
  • Multilanguage GUI (experimental, as yet no translation files – please do it by yourself)
  • Support for AVS instuctions (as yet no AVS2 and high 16 bytes of YMM registers are not displayed)
  • Call stack window (similar to the version 1.10)
  • Handles window (similar to the version 1.10)
  • SEH and VEH chains. To decode addresses of VEH handlers, OllyDbg hacks NTDLL.RtlAddVectoredExceptionHandler(), therefore process must be started from the OllyDbg
  • Multibyte character dumps
  • .udl image libraries, replace scan of object files from v1.10
  • Search for integers and floats in dump
  • Search for procedures (entry points)
  • Limited support for NTFS streams
  • Drive dump
  • Software breakpoints that use INT1, HLT, CLI, STI or INSB instead of INT3
  • Multiple watches in one line, support for repeat count
  • Dump of arrays of structures
  • Micro-analysers
  • Accelerated search
  • Assembling of immediate data statements (DB xx etc.)
  • Highlighting in run trace
  • Up to 2 ordinals per address
  • Limited support for Win95 via Microsoft Layer for UNICODE
  • More tricky code sequences
  • Show free memory, or was it the previous version?
  • Multiple bugfixes

Plugins compiled for OllyDbg 2.01 beta are 100% compatible with v2.01. PDK will be updated… soon…

Preliminary version of Disassembler 2.01 is almost ready. That is, the sources are more or less final but documentation and ready-to-use DLLs are still missing. I release Disasm 2.01 under GPL v3. Commercial licenses are also possible.


Unpack.CN Ebooks!!

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi all,

Hôm nay, rảnh rảnh ngồi lục lọi đống tài liệu, thấy có hai cuốn Ebooks năm 2007, 2008 của Unpack.CN. Thực ra nó không phải là ebook theo lối truyền thống như mọi người nghĩ, mà nó chỉ là file tổng hợp những bài viết trên trang Unpack.CN, được sắp xếp theo chủ đề và cơ bản là giá trị tham khảo của nó vẫn còn 🙂