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Tuts 4 You – Collection 2011

Author Teddy Rogers

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This is a complete archive site rip of all files on Tuts 4 You as of July 2011 except for the malware samples – you will need to download these directly from Tuts 4 You.I have created the torrent as directories and files rather than one archive which gives you the option to download files individually or in categories. The entire collection is 3.69 GB of which some sections may be of little interest to some but you have the option of downloading what you want.This collection will be updated annually so please check at the following link for the official and up-to-date torrent file:

Please remember to seed the torrent and help share the knowledge within the reversing community. I hope this satisfies the leechers, thank you!

Teddy Rogers.

Download here

Reversing Android SlideLock 1.1

Author : Nieylana

Description SlideLOCK is a DRM system for AndroidOS programs that aims to prevent the sharing of purchased APKs amongst users. The protection lies in special classes that the programmer must implement into his/her own code that does server-side checking with device-specific information to ensure the user is authorized to access the application. This tutorial explain protection’s under-hoods and removing process.

Filesize 1.07 MB

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A Refined Decompiler to Generate C Code with High Readability

Author [ Various Authors ]


As a key part of reverse engineering, decompilation plays a very important role in software security and maintenance. Unfortunately, most existing decompilation tools suffer from the low accuracy in identifying variables, functions and composite structures, which results in poor readability. To address these limitations, we present a practical decompiler called C-Decompiler for Windows C programs that 1 uses a shadow stack to perform refined data flow analysis, and 2 adopts inter-basic-block register propagation to reduce redundant variables. Our experimental results illustrate that on average C-Decompiler has the highest total percentage reduction of 55.91%, lowest variable expansion rate of 55.79% in the three tools, and the same Cyclomatic Complexity as the original source code for each test application. Furthermore, in our experiment, C-Decompiler is able to recognize functions with lower false positive and false negative rate. In the studies, we show that C-Decompiler is a practical tool to produce highly readable C code. Image no image availableFilesize 303.75 kB

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