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Note lại mấy cái Plugin của các bạn Tung Quở. Thông tin mô tả được dịch bởi Google Translate 🙂

OllyDisasm201: I believe a lot of friends using times OD1.1 and often encounter some of the instructions not recognize; or be able to identify but not a single step, resulting in unable to analysis, this plug-in is solve this problem.

OllyRecord: This plug-in function slightly more points, there are three main functions, the conditions hard off the record, dynamically symbol loading, Advanced Edition CTRL + G, after two I was not introduced, everyone will be under exploration, said the main condition record breaking hard.

Hard-off condition record:
Use Scenario 1: In analyzing the packet times, a lot of time trying to send and receive packets can be recorded, but do not want to write the DLL HOOK, this times you can use this
The following example, when the instruction flow through the 0101249E address, if ebx> = 0x65 && ebx <= 0x67, is recorded as a pointer to eax, ebx length packets (where eax, ebx can be replaced by an expression such as “% {BYTE PTR [EBX + 3]]} b “, [EBX + 100])


Use Scenario 2: Analysis of function calls in times, you can also use this to record which CALL the function is invoked before, and the parameter values are passed in the number


There are also many other uses, as long as the plug-in will be used, the other can take the time to research their own.

Download here:!zt1gAQaA!P19K8xnzURYfzjy5NmBf3hUgsq02VFK4GbPMXJLxFZs