Cracking basic with IDA Pro

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Cracking basic with IDA Pro

Author: DoiTUnKBoo

Team : CracksLatinos

First of all I want to note that this tutorial is super newbie level hehe, I do it because as usual when you start to handle applications that know it costs a lot, but in my case it cost me to adapt to Ida but I’ve found that there very little info on Ida in Spanish and what little there is is lost in technicalities that are good when you have a good foundation, it’s like you’re reading Chinese … That said let’s start configuring Ida Pro to patch bytes in real time as we debugeando, for that go to the folder where we have Ida and get into the folder ‘cfg’, within multiple files but we are interested in ‘idagui.cfg ‘.

Download here:



  1. Muatuyet_f4 says:

    kienmanowar anh ít lên vậy?

  2. hoangtuanvnvn says:

    Có bản tiếng a không ban ơi ! Thxs nhé

  3. kienmanowar says:

    Bản tiếng anh thì có, nhưng lâu rồi không biết để ở đâu 🙂

  4. vircon says:

    anh kiến ơi,cho em xin cai link lai nghen.gởi mail em cung dc,cam on anh

  5. rwa says:

    please reupload

  6. kienmanowar says:

    I only have the spanish version, but i think you can use the transalator.
    Download here:


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