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“Thanks to the virtual ArmAccess.DLL built into every copy of SoftwarePassport/Armadillo, this [patching the dll] is no longer even a theoretical threat,as long as you use it instead of the external file.”, Chad Nelson.

ArmaRaider is designed to assist in the extraction and replacement of the Security.DLL built into each Armadillo protected application

Why? :

By being able to expose the Security DLL there are many things we can patch that will change the way the Armadillo shell reacts.

Possible Patches:

* Force an application to never ‘expire’.

* The removal of HWID from keys,

* Re-enabling of the REGISTER/INFO command line parameters.

* Disabling ClockBack detection.

This is only a very small list of the patches made possible by ArmaRaider

What Raider Does Do:

1. ArmaRaider will statically unpack the security dll for you and save to disk

2. If the version of Armadillo does integrity checks on the DLL, these checks will be patched automatically by ArmaRaider (not static)

3. ArmaRaider will also statically replace the existing security DLL with a patched one

What Raider Doesn’t Do:

ArmaRaider doesn’t turn a person into a ‘cracker’ most of the work must still be done yourself (all the patches). ArmaRaider was built to assist in that process not do it for you. Therefore we are not responsible for evil usage you will do of this tool.

Versions known to Work:

ArmaRaider has been tested and found working on the following Armadillo versions:

* Tested version 3.75 (working)

* Tested version 4.30 (working)

* Tested version 4.40 (working)

* Tested version 4.43 (working)

* Tested version 4.66 (working)

* Tested version 5.02 (working)

* Tested version 7.00 (working)

This is not an all inclusive list, ArmaRaider may also work on version not listed above, these are just the ones that have been tested by the author

As with most reversing tools developed this application was not made by a single individual, perhaps it was written by a single person (Nieylana), but without the immense help from some very close friends of mine (Ghandi, Nacho, SS) this application would have never come to see the light, thank you to all who helped.