Keygenning GameShield/SoftwareShield Applications

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Keygenning GameShield

Author : Nieylana


About 1 year ago I released a paper discussing how to modify GameShield/SoftwareShield licenses. While it was an interesting adventure and the limit to the possibilities of the attack remain unknown perhaps it was not the most viable solution to the protector. While the attack showed some vulnerabilities in the protector it did not fully compromise GameShield since it wasn’t easily distributable through the ‘scene’. I have hesitated to discuss Keygenning since it would allow piracy of the games/apps protected with the software, however it is NOT the ARTeam spirit to withhold information from the community. Information is held only long enough to responsibly release it to the world.

Download here:

  1. Muatuyet_f4 says:

    kienmanowar anh khi nào online thì cho em hỏi một chút về Ollybgd với!

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