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Next Generation Collaborative Reversing with Ida Pro and CollabREate

Author : Christopher Eagle, Timothy Vidas

Description A major drawback with the use of most reverse engineering tools is that they were not designed with collaboration in mind. Numerous kludgy solutions exist from asynchronous use of the same data files to working on multiple copies of data files all of which quickly diverge, leaving the differences to somehow be reconciled. These methods and existing tools provided a first step towards automated collaboration amongst IDA Pro users, however they suffer from several shortcomings including the fact that tools have failed to keep pace with the evolution of IDA’s internal architecture. In this paper the authors present a new collaborative tool, titled collabREate, designed to bring nearly effortless collaboration to IDA users.

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Author: Nox

This soft, I download it early August, now is not that seeing is, but take more versions per month, it will look like firefox, with many versions, well AIDA64 is a software that shows you the characteristics of hardware, and thanks to Eddy, who could conceive this tute.
Attacking several points, and being very observant could achieve FULL edition.

Any question, feel free to do so.


Download here: Parchando_AIDA64_v1.80.1450_[Delphi_6.0_7.0]_por_Nox