Silence’s Unpacking Tour: The Enigma Protector (vol.1)

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Silence's Unpacking Tour: The Enigma Protector (vol.1)


Today I will release finally the serie unpacking tuts about manually unpacking The Enigma Protector !

In this serie I will discuss all protections of Enigma, which are fully detailed as possible.
I have to say thanks to LCF-AT, she helped me alot with this.


1 – Introduction ~ 9:28
2 – Unpacking with patterns ~ 33:03
3 – Finding patch-places without patterns ~ 19:56
4 – Dealing with SDK API’s & Custom Emulated API’s ~ 28:23
5 – Internal & External VM’s (Using Plugin) ~ 5:40
6 – Enigma’s Registration Scheme ~ 15:37
7 – EN-DE-Cryption ~ 33:21
8 – Inline patching + Final Words ~ 11:56
Extra – Enigma v1.02 ~ v1.16 Binary Patterns
Extra – Enigma.Info.v0.11-TSRh
Extra – The Enigma Protector Devirtualizer C++ Source Code.rar
Extra – Commercial Enigma Protected Programs.txt

Download here:
  1. prgrm says:

    can you upload again

  2. orak says:

    Chào anh , link hiện tại đã chết em mong anh upload lại cái này với 😀

    Tks anh

  3. kienmanowar says:

    Chào em,

    Em có thể download tại link sau nhé:


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