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IDAFicator v2.0.1.48

Posted: May 30, 2011 in RE Tools


Author Zool@nder
Author website
Description This plugin tries to make the life of OllyDBG© users easier by bringing to him some fast and frequently used function.

What’s new in v.
– Completely re wrote multi assembler. aka ROTE aka Rainbow Ollydbg Text Assembler
– New Goto dialogbox with code completion
– A lot of new shortcuts

[+]: Added mouse scrolling ability to Goto listbox.
[+]: Added a workaround StrongOD problem hooking NtCreateProcess: You have to
go to settings>rote tab, then set the number of milliseconds to sleep
after compilation (500 ms works fine form me on a core 2 duo 1.60GHz).
Thus, I noticed that it succeed only if THERE ARE NO ERRORS in the code.
[+]: Ability to supersede StrongOD and AdvancedOlly Goto dialogbox even if
not disabled (‘Choosable’).
[+]: Ability to supersede StrongOD status bar info (idaficator must be loaded
last, and to do so, just execute ollydbg without idaficator, then add it
and re-run (after checking ‘Supremacy mode’ from settings)).
[!]: Fix various tiny bugs.

You can download the Full package of IDAFicator from this link:


What’s new v0.6.7

-New Interface!
Fast-Mode Detection Mode and Enhanced Powerful!
Super-Base of Signatures Updated!
Binders-heuristic detection
“Detection and Extraction Overlay!
-Checking and Automatic Updating!
Super-Fast Detection MD5 Hash!
Multiple-Support Plug-ins for both RDG Packer Detector and other detectors!
Multi-Format Detection MPG, GIF, RAR, ZIP, MP3 etc.
“Detection and removal of attachments!.
-Improved Heuristic!
“Greater stability!
-Supports Windows Vista & Windows 7
“Optimization in scanning speed
MA-detection (Quick) Totally Integrated Home Interface
From New Multi-Language.
And Much More!

Download here:

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Armadillo 5.xx – 8.xx (Password Patcher)

Author Mr. eXoDia

Description I was messing with Armadillo and I wondered how to crack the password protection. I compiled an UnPackMe and packed it with Armadillo v8.20 (Standard Protection + Password). I discovered that patching the password is really easy, Armadillo doesn’t even uses the password as decryption key!

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Filesize 3.09 MB

Download :

Author    : Deathway
Description  :   This tool will help conversion VirtualOpcodes -> Assembly Instruction. Restoring the original code of your virtualized application, the basic engine was from CodeUnvirtualizer, my other tool.


– Supports WinLicense/Themida/CodeVirtualizer Cisc Machines
– Supports almost all common opcodes
– Supppots MultiBranch Tech


– Right-click on the jump leading to the Virtual Machine Area and press Unvirtualize (If machine isn’t found you have to click again, after checking that the full machine was correctly deofuscated)
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Filesize  :   312.36 kB

Download here: