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Posted: February 3, 2009 in FileAlyzer, RE Tools


FileAlyzer is a tool to analyze files – the name itself was initially just a typo of FileAnalyzer, but after a few days I decided to keep it. FileAlyzer allows a basic analysis of files (showing file properties and file contents in hex dump form) and is able to interpret common file contents like resources structures (like text, graphics, HTML, media and PE).

Using FileAlyzer is as simple as viewing the regular properties of a file – just right-click the file you want to analyze and choose Open in FileAlyzer.


* (August 6th, 2008) Restored support for files > 4 GB (displayed file size; hex viewers are disabled for now), Added UPX header information tab
* 1.5.5 (June 8th, 2007) New hex view, improved Authenticode display, support for more archive types (rar, nsis, etc.), Works with Windows Vista.
* 1.4 (December 13th, 2005) New version with included ACL editing and plaintext display, search results cleanup with Del key.
* 1.2 rel 3 (July 8th, 2005) Maintenance release including more translations.
* 1.2 rel 2 (June 2005) Maintenance release including more translations.
* 1.2 (March 4th, 2005) CHM contents listing, PE signature scanning, multiple small fixes.
* 1.1i ADS support, display of file security settings.
* 1.1h (September 25th, 2003) improved resourses display, ID3v2 support, cab support, load speedup.
* 1.1g (September 8th, 2003) small fixes, file extensions specified in external file.
* 1.1f (August 12th, 2003) added window size/position saved, DFM decompression, UPX decompression, ELF (linux binary) analysis, export of resources, syntax highlighting for text preview.
* 1.1e (July 29th, 2003) added colored hex dump, hex dump display of resources, multi-lingual version info display, section panel bar.
* 1.1d (July 5th, 2003) added display of import/export tables and creation of text format reports.
* 1.1c improves translation and adds dynamix hex dump width as well as string recognition.
* 1.1b added Setup menu and new languages
* 1.1 added text table (CSV) and database (dBase) format.


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