Tutorial #13: Cracking a Real Program


In this tutorial we are going to take off the training wheels and crack a real program. This program has a time restriction, and after this time, it will not work anymore. We are going to patch it to think it is registered. The target is included in this download (I am not stating the name of the program as the purpose of this tutorial is not to get a ‘cracked’ program but to learn how to do it.) Like all commercial programs, if you plan on using them, you really should consider buying it. People put a great deal of time into apps and they deserve to be compensated. In an attempt to not make this series about ‘getting cracked software’, I tried to get a program that no one would really want, so I downloaded this app, which had the least amount of downloads last week on Download.com. To be totally honest, after cracking the program in this tutorial, I liked it so much I paid for the registration and now use the app legitimately. Just goes to show you you can’t judge an app by it’s downloads.

Original link: http://thelegendofrandom.com/blog/archives/1105

Download: http://thelegendofrandom.com/files/tuts/R4ndom_tutorial_13.zip

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