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Author : by deepzero, 2011


Private exe Protector (PEP) is a lower end intermediate PE file protection and licensing solution. The price, 200$, is quiet high, which might be one of the reasons this protector is rarely being used.  I chose it here because there is little to no documentation available on version 3.x. From the PEP
Private exe Protector (PEP) is a professional licensing, anti-tampering and software examination system. PEP works with traditional methods, such as file compression, code fragment encryption, metamorphic loading, protection from debugging and file tampering , and features new innovative techniques, including data protection with stolen resources technique and partial code execution on a virtual machine. Licensing functions can be automatically integrated into the protected program, which allows the end user to quickly and securly manage all licences issued with the built in licence manager. All in all, it is the ideal solution for software developers.

Tools used
OllyDebug 1.10, LordPe, ImpRec, CFF Explorer, PiD, ResHacker, HexEdit (all freeware).
OllyDebug plugins: ollyadvanced, MultiMate assembler, odbgscript, IDAficator,AnalyzeThis!

Download tutorial here :