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Trial-Reset is an registry cleaning tool. The main function of Trial-Reset is remove the keys generated by commercial and freeware protector.Trial-Reset doesn’t crack the program but only extends the Trial period.


What’s new v3.4 Final (Public):

-Updated support for WinLicense (Ring-0 Protection)

What’s new v3.3 (Public):

-Added support for License Protector 2.x

-Updated support for Enigma Protector 1.4x

-Updated support for ActiveMark 6.x

-Minor bugs fixes

What’s new v3.2 (Public):

-Updated support for PCGuard 5.02

-Add Autocleaning at Startup

-Fixed ExeCryptor 2.x bug

-Minor bugs fixes

What’s new v3.01 Final (Public):

-Fixed graphical problem

What’s new v3.0 Final (Public):

-Update Backup command

-Updated support for Obsidium 1.3x

-Minor bugs fixes

What’s new v3.0 RC9 (Public):

-Added support for ProActivate 1.x

-Update ASProtect 2.x

-Added Plugin Icon

What’s new v3.0 RC8 (Public):

-Added support for NTkrnl Protector 0.x

-Fixed junction loop

-Fix Vista x64 bugs

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