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Posted: March 3, 2012 in Stud_PE

Stud_PE The Portable Executables Viewer/Editor (32/64 bit PE files)
view/edit PE basic Header information (DOS also):
  -header structures to hexeditor;
view/edit Section Table:
  – add new section;
view/edit Directory Table:
  -Import/Export Table viewer;
  -Import adder;
  -Resource viewer/editor (save/replace ico/cur/bmp);
Pe Scanner (PEiD sig database):
  -400 packers/protectors/compilers;
Task viewer/dumper/killer;
PEHeader/Binary file compare;
RVA to RAW to RVA;
Drag’nDrop shell menu integration;
Basic HexEditor;

Process regions’ dumper/viewer/editor; – 27 feb 2012
-switched the project from vc6 to VC8; just for your information about 60 Errors and 600 warnings after project conversion; take care, those secure crt fixups drived me crazy, errors may have slept through:); if so, please report and I’ll try to fix them;
– unfortunatelly VC8 breaks the w95 compatibility (shlwapi.dll appears at imports due to mfc AddToRecentFileList which links that dll, not known to w95 os; aslo IsDebuggerPresent not present in w95 but linked by vc8 …and who knows which other functins);
-fixed a gpf reported on program exit;
…more inside nfo.txt

Download here: