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Universal Import Fixer (UIF) v1.2 (FINAL)

Use this tool for fixing Import Elimination, Directly Imports and Shuffled, Disordered, Scattered Imports.

So you can use this tool for changing IAT Base Address and Sorting IATs in New (other) Address.

Tested on:


and any protector with Import Elimination, Directly Imports and Shuffled, Disordered, Scattered Imports.

This tool is an Import Fixer (not Import Rebuilder ImpRec etc) and Just work in memory of target process (Just for 32 bit processes).
Always first use UIF then Dump target process.

UIF can fix actual APIs, dont use it for fixing Emulated/Redirected APIs to protector’s must use UIF After fixing Magic IAT jump (or use any methods) to convert Emulated/Redirected APIs to Actual APIs.


Armadillo : Import Elimination
ASProtect : Directly Imports
Enigma : Shuffled, Disordered, Scattered Imports
ExeCryptor : Scattered Imports in Protector Stub
eXPressor : Directly Imports
PeSpin : Directly, Shuffled, Disordered, Scattered Imports
RlPack : Shuffled, Disordered, Scattered Imports
VMProtect : Directly Imports
TheMida : Directly Imports
WinLicense : Directly Imports

for Fast Speed:
-After Click on you can Minimize UIF to the taskbar.
-Just enter Code section start and end (.text section etc).
-Dont check “Fix Directly Imports” if you dont need to it.


Update (2008.12.31):
+Code improved for better processing invalid ImageBase,ImageSize and invalid PE.
+Some small changes for more Compatibility/Stability.
-PSAPI library removed from UIF engine (shit library with many bugs).

v1.2 FINAL update (2008.06.15):
+Code Optimized again for better result.
+UIF.dll released (for using UIF in other applications).
Coded with pure Api,very fast and small size.

v1.2 FINAL update (2008.04.24):
+Fast Speed option added.

v1.2 FINAL (2008.04.19):
+Now UIF can process Ring0 Hooked APIs (KAV,ZoneAlarm,… etc).
-Minor Bugs fixed.

v1.2 Stable (2008.04.04):
+Algorithm improved for Fast Speed.
-Option ‘Main exe Exports’ removed (now UIF can detect it automatically)
-Option ‘Fix NtDll to Kernel32’ removed (now UIF can detect it automatically)
-Minor Bugs fixed.

v1.0 Final+ (2008.03.21):
+Code Optimized for Fast Speed.
+Always OnTop Added.
+Tested again on many targets:
-Bug fixed in Fixing Directly Imports in Delphi,BCB,VC(MFC) Applications.

v1.0 Final update (2008.02.23):
+Algorithm improved for better fixing Directly imports.
+Show modules count and progress in StatusBar.
-GUI bug fixed on large fonts >=120 dpi.

v1.0 Final update (2008.01.15):
-Some small bugs fixed.
+Algorithm improved for very big IAT size.
+Auto fill improved for detecting dlls correctly.

v1.0 Public (2008.01.12):
First public release…

v1.0 Private (2005.02.23):
For personal use…

download (~190 kb) :