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Contributed By Check Point Software Technologies LTD.


1. Seamless synchronization of labels, function names, comments and global variables (w/wo demangling)

  • Synchronization modes
    • On demand
    • On rename (update on-the-fly)
  • Supports image base-independent synchronization

2. Dynamic dumping of debugged process memory regions

It can be useful in the following cases:

  • When debugged process has extracted/temporary/injected module which doesn’t appear in modules list
  • When it doesn’t have a valid PE header
  • When it have corrupted import table, etc.

3. Python scripting

We support the following list of debug backends for now:

Latest release: v_1_1_0_3

[-] anti-dubug: removed hardcoded classname/window name
[*] OllyDbg20: updated SWIG SDK-wrapper compatibility with win types
[*] dbg backends FIX: fixed trucation of RPC request
[*] dbg backends FIX: now we send packet length for each RPC call for additional message check

Author: Neutrino (CLS)

OllyDBG v1:

Tips sobre BreakPoint Condicional Log en Ollydbg1.10

Fig. 1

OllyDBG v2:

Tips y metodo sobre BreakPoint Condicional Log en Ollydbg2.01

Fig. 2

OllyDbg v2

Posted: May 13, 2016 in OllyDBG v2
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I wan to share my OllyDbg v2 (shared by Vic) that i used for my RCE hobby :).


Download here: