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OllyDumpEx Plugin

Posted: September 8, 2015 in Uncategorized


This plugin is process memory dumper for OllyDbg and Immunity Debugger. Very simple overview:

OllyDumpEx = OllyDump + PE Dumper – obsoleted + useful features


  • Various debuggers supported
  • Select to dump debugee exe, loaded dll or non-listed module
  • Search PE File from memory
  • Multiple Dump mode. Rebuild for typical PE dump, Binary for PE Carving
  • PE32+ supported (Search and Binary Dump mode only available on 32bit debugger)
  • Native 64bit process supported (IDA Pro, WinDbg and x64_dbg)
  • Dump any address space as section even if not in original section header
  • Add dummy section to keep PE format consistency
  • Fix RVA in DataDirectory to follow ImageBase change
  • Auto calculate many parameters (RawSize, RawOffset, VirtualOffset, …)

Recent Changes

– v1.50 / 2015-07-03

  • Add: Fuzzy Search mode (for corrupted MZ/PE Signature)
  • Add: Fix Corrupted PE Header option (Fill Hole option is merged)
  • Add: Dump result dialog for copy and paste
  • Improve: Search method optimization
  • Improve: Corrupted PE Header handling
  • Improve: Binary dump mode support some options
  • Bugfix: Rebased PE handling (rebuild dump mode)
  • Bugfix: Debuggee filename error on attached process (IDA)
  • Bugfix: Get EIP does not work in recent version (x64_dbg)


Download here: