[CryptoChecker] CC 1.3 alpha 10 by alephz

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Built to find everything
! BUG Fix! Entry: Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ (RTL: __crtGetStringTypeA) misdetected
! BUG Fix! Entry: Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ (RTL: __crtLCMapStringA) misdetected
* ZLib better detect
* Borland Turbo C 1.0 better detect
* MinGW32 better detect
* PowerBasic CC 3.x better detect (EP)
* CheckSum Adler32() better detect (RFC 1950)
* Borland Delphi version better detect
* Borland Delphi DCU Hdr magics
* Borland C++ Builder better detect
* Microsoft Visual C++ x64 better detect
* NIST B571 better detect
* LZX better detect
* Tiny Primes array better detect
* Hash padding array detection method changed
* WinZip SFX better detect
+ GCC Algo group
+ MINGW Algo group
+ QT Algo group
+ ACSS Crypt * http://www.openssh.com
+ MinGW32 2.x..4.x DLL (EP) * http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net
+ MinGW64 2.x..4.x DLL (EP) * http://mingw-w64.sourceforge.net
+ Qt strings detect (use QT Algo)
+ Aladdin HASP SRM
+ Rar 5.x Archive Signature
+ Confuser .NET Obfuscator (String)
+ LZXC2 Hdr marker
+ SnakeSoftware ExeBook * http://s-soft.org
+ Photodex Installer * http://www.photodex.com
+ Map: Bits in byte count lookup table
+ Map: Power 2 table
+ eLicense initial detect * http://www.elicense.com

Download here:


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