IDA-Pro 6.x Lowercase ARM Instructions

Posted: November 2, 2014 in IDA-Pro 6.x Lowercase ARM Instructions, Uncategorized
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Supported versions 6.3 / 6.5 / 6.6

6.3 6.5 6.6 are tested, you can not back up, support change back to capital, then changed back to MD5 and source files are the same.

6.3 and earlier versions do not support the ARMv8 instruction set.

Other versions of the backup before try and try again, trouble Province, I know you are lazy.

To modify a file in IDA 6.X \ procs \ arm.w32 and arm64.w64

arm.w32 6.5 / 6.6 source files can not seem to put, sue me for the user to compile the province, it is written in a kind of signature positioning, to put the annex, the code is not tucao me. .

Simple posted about finishing off the information to facilitate thought you modify:
ida6.x ARMv1-ARMv8:


Signed: 0x85D6 mov byte [esi],’S’ C6 06 53 46 8D

Byte: 0x8613 mov byte [esi],’B’ C6 06 42 46 8D

Half: 0x8651 mov byte [esi],’H’ C6 06 48 46 8D

thumb2->Wide: mov byte [esi],’W’ C6 06 57 46 8D
thumb2->Narrow: (hidden)

Length: 8

Length: 2884

Length: 3100

Register : “VFNFZFCF”
Length: 624



upper case

Lower case:

Download here:


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