OD2-ExPlug v201.12

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Author: quygia128

Release on: 10.12.2014
+ OD2-ExPlug v201.12
– 10/12/2014
. Add Update-Checker
. Add Plugin DebugBreak for IDA Pro 6.5 & x32_dbg
. Add Auto Insert Module Loaded Label(Thanks to LCF-AT for good idea)
. Fixed & Improve Advance Go ExPression
. Fixed Find OEP
. Fixed Plugin DebugBreak
. Improved MiNiHash To Version 0.3
. Remove EnumWindows API Patch
. Changes Left-Click On BTN “I” to “Import Label”
Right-Click On BTN “I” to “Import Label & Comment”
. API Helper(?) Supported(*.CHM & *.HLP)
. Change OD2-ExPlug Options.

Download here: https://mega.co.nz/#!x1xBiQgT!8KHCu1p-SDTqPfZXKoesxKIwJ6-zu-YEzRvN7TGKRcA


  1. kienmanowar says:

    OD2-ExPlug 201.13 is Out!
    Release on: 10.29.2014

    + OD2-ExPlug v201.13
    – 10/29/2014
    . Fixed [Bigger] Internal BUG(Crash OllyDbg in version 12)
    . Fixed “Search by Google” (Allows Access if Labels is Exist)
    . Fixed “API helper(BTN ?)” (Allows Access & Open API if Labels is Exist)
    . Fixed dialog is appeare incorrectly if Not XPStyle.
    . Edit Some Shortcut.
    . Add Enter(VK_RETURN) Key on “Add New Label” & “Advance Go ExPression”
    . Remove Module on “Search by Google”(Keep API Name Only)
    . I’m Removing Delay On Windows 8|Above(Not Test) (Thanks to Vic4Key)
    . Fix Some BUG in Breakpoint Manager(Import & Export & Delete & Detect Bps)
    . Improved Auto Update (Auto restart OllyDbg & Update Plugin)

    Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!klBzCDiS!Xozgazw6VMzzTHFYTgNpWvrOcUL3QbCSEGHwZLci3hM


  2. kienmanowar says:

    + OD2-ExPlug v2.0.14.02
    – 01/05/2015
    . Update INT3, Hard, Mem Breakpoints Manager Engines
    . Update Hardware Breakpoints Manager[Follow in Dump/disasm cpu]
    . Update “Table Exporter” To v3.0
    + Supported Export Table in Python
    + Export Table as Text & Shellcode
    + Supported Encode/Decode (Add/Sub,Xor,Rol,& Ror)
    . Removed Regedit Access(Slow by Some AV Active Hight Protection)
    . Remove All Timer.
    . Add “Module Name” to Infor Bar Status
    . Add Sign For Delphi 2009, XE.7 & Freepascal Lazarus IDE
    . Add API Breakpoint “InternetGetConnectedState”
    . Minimize Interval of Hint is 30000(30s)
    . Add UpperCase/LowerCase for Hash Result(MiNiHash)

    Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!Vo4mhYwD!MmfIxAIX6C8rCh5wDjpaBb327mv67tuH8oc3-q41y6g


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