OllyDBD mod by 風戀

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Thấy có bạn 風戀 bên unpack.cn share cái này :

The OD herein are made ​​the following modifications:

1. window class name and other common modifications;

2. the format string vulnerability [OutPutDebugString] patch;

3. Reference dyk158 of ODbyDYK v1.10, automatic configuration UDD, PLUGIN an absolute path;

4. Reference nbw of “OD replication BUG analysis and correction,” a text, the amendment when copying data from a memory area, and sometimes not all the data is copied to the clipboard bug.

5. Reference ohuangkeo “is not one of the reasons OD analysis and repair methods,” slightly improved OD PE format identification capability (non-PE file might still be reported, but had to debug).

6. Fixed OllyScript.dll plug bpwm memory read and write commands are outages.

7. jingulong of Loaddll.exe, you can easily make OllDbg interrupt dll entrance.

8. Thank DarkBul inform SHIFT + F2 condition window displays the bug and fixed.

9. Thank dreaman repair Findlabel, Findname, Findnextname three function processing string overflow bug.

10. Improving the sprintf function will display some floating crash bug, where the restoration code directly referenced heXer code.

11. The modified version, with the plug-in, can be well hidden OD.

12. new useful shortcut keys function

13. Fixed Themida v1.9.xx detection OllyICE the Anti, sea brothels shadow StrongOD, as well as the PhantOm plug Hellsp good debugging Themida shell.

14. LOCKLOSE adding some API and the structure of information.

15. Reference smiling knife in UPK forum post, modify pre-loaded plug OD

16. Modify IDAFicator.dll main interface is available in English, with the OD of the interface section, mainly for aesthetics, some unmodified into English, primarily for the user to take care of China

17. will not debug any tools directly INI file packaged, convenient cover INI file with debug directory

Bạn này thích dùng thì down ở đây (hàng của khựa nên cẩn thận):




  1. oneshot says:

    Anh Kiên có tài khoản unpack.cn thì mời em được không?
    Cám ơn anh nhiều!

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