Free IDA Pro Binary Auditing Training Material for University Lectures

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Free IDA Pro Binary Auditing Training Material for University Lectures

The Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals of Binary Auditing. Know how HLL mapping works, get more inner file understanding than ever.

Copy Protection Games
Try to solve brain teasing puzzles with our collection of copy protection games. Increasing difficulty and unseen strange tricks.

Vulnerability Analysis
Learn how to find and analyse software vulnerability. Dig inside Buffer Overflows and learn how exploits can be prevented.

Malware Analysis
Start to analyse your first viruses and malware the safe way. Learn about simple tricks and how viruses look like using real life examples.

Content Overview
The training package includes all necessary files to run a complete lecture for Binary Auditing and Reverse Code Engineering at university. All files are well sorted by topics and with increasing difficulty. You need Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 to use this training package. The training package does NOT include runnable viruses!
What is inside… Topic Files IDA Pro 5.0 (Free) 1 Total 324 HLL Mapping 1 (NOT for training, only as reference!) 98 HLL Mapping 2 (Start here and convert them to C) 31 Manual Decompilation (Simple exercises) 10 Algorithm Analysis 1 (Simple math exercises) 3 Algorithm Analysis 2 (Simple math exercises) 6 Crash Auditing (more complicated, why crashing?) 10 File Understanding (Simple to hard Reversemes) 31 Copy Protection Auditing (Simple to very hard) 47 Unpacking (Simple exercises) 3 Vulnerability Auditing (Simple to intermediate) 38 Malware Auditing 1 (Simple old .com/.exe exercises) 41 Malware Auditing 2 (Some fakes for analysis) 4 Malware Auditing 3 (Simple win32 analysis)

Download here:

Pass: fdcd2ff4c2180329053650f3075d39f4



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