P32Dasm v2.6

Posted: December 25, 2009 in P32Dasm, RE Tools

Author : Darker

Hi folks, i prepare for you some Christmas gift – new release of P32Dasm 🙂 This release add some powerful features that allow you to analyze VB5/6 apps more detailed. More objects/classes are resolved, more procedures are identified with their real names, in some cases of .ocx, .dll files also added parameters with real names and types plus additional information as Enumerators, Constants, Events and Properties. So a lot of work was done here and i hope you enjoy this release. Your best tool for reversing VB5/6 apps is ready to use 🙂

2.6 – [24.12.2009] – Christmas Release
+ Added procedure names identification
+ More objects recognition
+ Added reading more details (Enumerators, Constants, Events and Properties)
+ Added new Events icon for better resolution
+ Internal code tidy up and changes for displaying better debug info
+ More procedures details identified on some strange type apps (NCode)
– Removed displaying of procedure names list in output (moved to real names)
* fixed working of MRU files
* Fixed bug: missing end address in one procedure NCode object
* Fixed some GUI problems when app use visual styles

Download here:

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