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Hi all,
in the last 3 months despite not online we weren’t inactive..

Here’s a really interesting tutorial from Nieylana and SSlEvIN. It’s about Wild Tangent games and this time the service is complete: pdf tutorial, video tutorial and unwrapper tool, plus some hints on the sources used..

This time the package is twofold: a tutorial and a tool which are released separately (but this -and only this- version of the unwrapper is also inside the tutorial distribution).

Unwrapping WildTangent_Games_by_Nieylana_SSlEvIN
The WildTangent Wrapper is a Software Protection system developed by WildTangent Inc, which is based out of Redmond WA. The wrapper is used as a marketing technique for developers to release their software as a trial, and provide you the option of either buying the game outright or paying as you play. Each game comes with 2 free trials, however these trials are only deducted if you have played the game for longer than 3 minutes. After you have used up both trials you must either buy the game or buy wildcoins to continue playing…
It can be downloaded here:

the unwrapper that does what the tutorial describes. Just not use it directly, learn instead from the tutorial, it’s ways better than simply use a tool. Tools becomes obsolete, learned things not!
It can be downloaded here: