Phantom 1.45 – Plugin for OllyDbg

Posted: January 2, 2009 in Phantom 1.45, RE Tools

PhantOm 1.45

# Fixed bug patch FPU.
# Fixed several bugs in the driver.
# Added handling of exceptions from using RaiseException.
# Added output of processed plugin exceptions.
# Fixed bug with NtSetInformationThread driver.
# Fixed bug with int 2d.
# Fixed “single-step” bug.
# Completely rewritten option “custom handler exceptions”.
# Fixed bug  “protect DRx”, leading to writing debris DRx registers.
# Fixed bug BlockInput on Windows 2000.

Download here (delete .pdf extension)


Best Regards

  1. kienmanowar says:

    PhantOm v1.49
    by Hellsp@wn & Archer & Olenevod

    What’s new in 1.49:

    * Fixed patch of OllyDbg’s FPU bug (added 2nd method).
    * Improved exception handler.

    What’s new in 1.47:

    * Fixed bug in driver.
    * Fixed bug in exception handler.

  2. kienmanowar says:

    What’s new in 1.51:

    * Fixed OllyDbg’s import bug that can crash debugger (PhantOm now supports debugging NoobyProtect)

  3. 123456789 says:

    cai plugin dau co down dc dau ban.
    tui bo .pdf ma dau down dc fix lai di ban oi

  4. jeryk says:

    Anh Kiên ơi anh có có thể cho em xin tool ollydbg phan tom anh đang sử dụng gồm full scrtipt và các công cụ anh đã add sẳn đã có đầy đủ màu sắc anh đã chỉnh đc ko ạ

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