PROTECTiON iD v6.1.3

Posted: December 27, 2008 in PROTECTiON iD v6.1.3, RE Tools


faster, more accurate, still better and no more beta – xmas release #2

Core Code changes:

– new: width-RESIZEABLE main window
– new: user can now choose what protection scans to skip
– new: added in new configuration item allowing the user to specify if iso, ccd, mds
etc modules are to be treated as discs (and therby subject to a sector scan)
– new: ability to scan inside microsoft cab files has been implimented

– update: we are now v0.6.1.3
– update: faster scanning core 🙂
– update: configuration window has a new look
– update: better 64 bit file handling support added
– update: appended data detection tweaked a little
– update: now if pid is running and an exe is scanned from the context menu, the main
window will change to the log window (looks better.. suggested by loki)
– update: lnk file resolving is now complete, if user has selected to resolve links,
the system handles this all automatically
– update: window position is now centred if a previous window location was not recorded
– update: adjusted ia64/x64 vs. machine check portion of code (thx to teddy rogers)
– update: configuration – windows product key showing is now a configuration item
– update: configuration – now ‘themes’ and ‘flat mode’ can not be selected at the same time,
this is how it should be as themes override flatmode etc… so now only one can
be selected, and the other is ‘auto unselected’ (suggested by syk0)
– update: configuration – addedin code to enable/disable the ‘protection report bubble’ after a scan is completed
– update: Memory Optimiser – the progress bar should get to the start again when user
clicked on Optimize and Purge was successful
– update: Memory Optimiser – code heavily updated, to work in chunks (if largest size requested is not available),
so, end result – more reliable, faster and optimised
– update: misc tools – added in quick uninstall tab
– update: misc tools – added in CD/DVD Filter Driver scanner tab
– update: misc tools – added in Windows Error Code Resolver tab
– update: misc tools – added in CPU Info tab
– update: misc tools – added in windows directory in the system info output
– update: misc tools – added in Folder Locations scanner
– update: misc tools – system information window now reports graphic device names (geforce, etc),
username & computername and terminal services availability also reported
– update: misc tools – windows install date (from registry) is now reported in the misc tools ‘system info part’,
windows install date (from folder) is now also reported.
– update: misc tools – tweaked x64 os detection code, so its a lot more reliable
– update: misc tools – windows product key reporting now also handles x64 systems
– update: nfo viewer – extra checking now added – zip, rar and mz executables will NOT be displayed,
instead, a warning message is displayed
– update: process view – added in check for terminate, dump, priority change..
if selected process is pid, the menu items are disabled (for safety and security)
– update: svf checking now reports current offset on the line when processing
– update: sfv processing now works with quoted filenames
– update: winspy – process name is now also reported (if we could obtain it.. )
– update: log window in cd/dvd operations now has a context menu, allowing for…
clear log
copy selection to clipboard
copy log to clipboard
save selection (txt)
save selection (csv)
save log (txt)
save log (csv) – bugfix: admin reflection / reporting was incorrect on 9x/ME systems
– bugfix: ‘admin shield’ icon is now moved, it looked out of place if the other progress bars
showing cpu usage etc were turned off.. (reported by loki)
– bugfix: Export as .txt doesn’t work properly, only the first file does get saved
– bugfix: event bug fixed, which sometimes resulted in pid sticking at about 35% cpu
– bugfix: pause/resume in the queue window was sometimes wrong for the text (reported by r!co)
– bugfix: Fixed SFV bug – Click on make, don’t select any files and press abort.
You can’t use the complete SFV feature as it’s all greyed out (reported by Blazkowicz)
– bugfix: sfv output for large files (mb, gb etc) was VERY wrong, its since corrected
– bugfix: fixed ‘disappearing window’ problem
– bugfix: ‘large icons’ issue fixed in 9x
– bugfix: sfv – abort now works
– bugfix: sfv – output issue should be 110% fixed now (new buffering system used)
– bugfix: task manager -> potential stack bug fixed
– bugfix: configuration – shortcut creation was broken
– bugfix: nfo viewer – fixed potential memory leak on drag/drop
– bugfix: bug in the code checking for digital signatures (found by blazi)
code now performs a sanity check on accessed memory areas

detection additions / changes

– new: check_activemark.asm – added version detection for v6.3.562
– new: check_alawar.asm – added Alawar Try & Buy Activation detection
– new: check_hexalock.asm – added HexaLock Copy Protection detection
– new: check_protectdisc.asm – added more Protect DiSC v8 subversions
– new: check_securom.asm – added in detection for sll modules + SecuROM Matroschka Package
– new: check_acprotect.asm – added ACProtect v2.1, v2.1.1 and v2.1.2 detection
– new: check_angelscrypter.asm – added Angel’s Crypteur v0.2 detection
– new: check_antidote.asm – added AntiDote v1.4 SE detection
– new: check_armadillo.asm – added version detection v6.00 or newer
– new: check_atreprotector.asm – added AT4RE Protector v1.0 detection
– new: check_avlock.asm – added AVLock detection
– new: check_budcrypter.asm – added BUD Crypter detection
– new: check_coolcrypt.asm – added COOLcryptor 0.9 detection
– new: check_cryptwoz.asm – added CryptWOZ v1.0 detection
– new: check_darkcrypt.asm – added DarkCrypt v1.2 (Private Version) detection
– new: check_dcrypt.asm – added DCrypt Private v0.9b detection
– new: check_dotfixniceprotect.asm – added DotFix NiceProtect v1.0 detection
– new: check_dotnetreactor.asm – added dotNet Reactor v3.3 (or newer) detection
– new: check_enigmaprotector.asm – added version grabber for Enigma Protector
– new: check_execrypt.asm – added ExeCRyPT v1.0 [ReBirth] detection
– new: check_exefog.asm – added EXEFog v1.1 detection
– new: check_exewrapper.asm – added ExeWrapper v3.0 (533Soft) detection
– new: check_expressor.asm – added ExPressor v1.6 detection
– new: check_fakuscrypter.asm – added Fakus Crypter detection
– new: check_fastfilecrypt.asm – added FastFileCrypt v1.6 Public detection
– new: check_fatalzcrypt.asm – added Fatalz Crypt v2.14a detection
– new: check_flashbackprot.asm – added Flashback Protector v1.0 detection
– new: check_gieprotector.asm – added Gie Protector v0.2 detection
– new: check_imppacker.asm – added IMP-Packer v1.0 detection
– new: check_kcryptor.asm – added K!Cryptor v0.11 detection
– new: check_kgbcrypter.asm – added KGB Cypter v1.0a detection
– new: check_leetcryptor.asm – added 1337 Cryptor v2 detection
– new: check_lilithcrypter.asm – added Lilith Crypter detection
– new: check_maxtocode.asm – added MaxtoCode .Net Encryption detection
– new: check_minke.asm – added Minke v1.0.1 Executable Crypter detection
– new: check_moneycrypter.asm – added Money Crypter detection
– new: check_morphna.asm – added Morphna Beta 2 detection
– new: check_mortalteamcrypter.asm – added Mortal Team Crypter v2 detection
– new: check_mpress.asm – added MPRESS NET compressor detection
– new: check_mushroomcrypter.asm – added Mu$hr00M CryPtOR v1.0 detection
– new: check_nme.asm – added NME Executable Crypter v1.1 detection
– new: check_npack.asm – added nPack v1.1.500.2008 Beta detections
– new: check_obfuscatornet.asm – added Macrobject Obfuscator.NET detection
– new: check_privateexe.asm – added version detection for v2.00 – v2.25 and v2.30 – v2.70
– new: check_puricrypt.asm – added Puri Crypt v1.2 detection
– new: check_quickpacknt.asm – added QuickPack NT v0.1 detection
– new: check_rcryptor.asm – added RCryptor v1.6d detection
– new: check_rdgpack.asm – added RDG Pack Lite Edition v0.2 detection
– new: check_rdgtejoncrypter.asm – added RDG Tejon Crypter v0.3 detection
– new: check_rlp.asm – added ReversingLabs Protector v0.7.4 beta detection
– new: check_rlpack.asm – added RLPack v1.20 detection
– new: check_roguepack.asm – added RoguePack v3.3 detection
– new: check_russiancryptor.asm – added Russian Cryptor v1.0 detection
– new: check_securepe.asm – added SecurePE v1.5 detection
– new: check_secureshade.asm – added Secure Shade v1.8 detection
– new: check_snoopcrypt.asm – added SnoopCrypt detection
– new: check_thinstall.asm – added THInstall detection
– new: check_tstcrypter.asm – added TsT Crypter detection
– new: check_undergroundcrypter.asm – added UndergroundCrypter v1.0 detection
– new: check_unlimitedcrypter.asm – added UnLimited Crypter v1.0 detection
– new: check_unopix.asm – added UnoPiX v0.94 detection
– new: check_upxlock.asm – added UPX Lock v1.01 – v1.02 detection
– new: check_weruscrypter.asm – added Werus Crypter v1.0 detection
– new: check_wildtangent.asm – added Wild Tangent v2.1 Activation detection
– new: check_windofcrypt.asm – added WindOfCrypt detection
– new: check_wingscrypt.asm – added Wingscrypt v2.0 detection
– new: check_winutilitiesexeprot.asm – added WinUtilities EXE Protector v2.1 detection
– new: check_wlcrypt.asm – added WL-Crypt v1.0 detection
– new: check_xenocode.asm – added XenoCode .NET protector detection
– new: check_xenocode.asm – added XenoCode Postbuild 2007 + 2008 for .NET detection
– new: check_xhackercryptor.asm – added xHacker Cryptor detection
– new: check_xshell.asm – added XShell v1.5 detection
– new: check_zprotect.asm – added ZProtect v1.4.3 detection
– new: check_zylomwrapper.asm – added Zylom Wrapper Crypted Game.exe detection
– new: license_nalpeiron_scan.asm – added Nalpeiron Licensing Service detection
– new: installer_install4y.asm – added Install4j Wizard Module detection
– new: installer_installshield.asm – added InstallShield v12 BETA Version detection
– new: installer_squeezesfx.asm – added Squeeze Self Extractor Module detection
– new: installer_trymediadownload.asm – added Trymedia Systems Download Manager detection
– new: msi and 7zip file type reporting is now done to the log window (similar to the .rar, zip etc reporting)
– new: added in quick detection for starforce protected pdf file
– update: check_aspack.asm – added additional check for ASPack 2.x to avoid a false positive
when scanning a file wrapped by FlashBack with ASPack entrypoint signature
– update: check_codelok.asm – improved detection
– update: check_dotnetreactor.asm – some parts recoded to be more generic & faster
– update: check_execryptor2.asm – improved detection with heuristic checks
– update: check_laserlok.asm – updated to handle older (v3) versions of laserlok
– update: check_passlock2000.asm – improved detection
– update: check_reflexivearcade.asm – executables builds are now reported (if found)
– update: check_safedisc.asm – updated to detect safedisc lite
– update: check_securom.asm – updated to handle VERY old versions & updated to detect a modified paul.dll
– update: check_solidshield.asm – minor modifications, but results in better reporting
– update: check_starforce.asm – updated to handle the new variant (v5.5) and also report bitness of the exe
– update: check_sysiphus.asm – optimized detection
– update: check_themida.asm – updated to handle dll protected Themida files
– update: check_vmprotect.asm – added new generic detection code (catches now dlls we missed before)
– update: check_upx.asm – improved to be ‘more generic’
– update: check_vob.asm.asm – updated to handle older version (4 or less)
– update: dongle_guardant.asm – added reporting of old Guardant Dongle Protections
– update: dongle_hasphlenvelope.asm – improved detection
– update: license_sentinellm – improved for better detection
– update: installer_7zip.asm – improved detection
– bugfix: check_telock.asm – fixed v1.0 detection
– bugfix: check_yzpack.asm – fixed bug resulting in non detections
– bugfix: installer_installshield.asm – fixed possible non detections

CD/DVD/Image file/sector scan

– new: b6i image added into the supported file list
– new: added in ‘Extract Boot Sector’, now the boot sector from the cd/dvd can
be ‘extracted’ to a file.. for use with something else maybe 🙂
– new: cddvd_cactus.scan.asm – Cactus Audio detection added to file scan in cddvd module
– new: cddvd_protectdisc.scan.asm – added in sector scan module for protectdisc / protectcd

– update: if a disk is detected as being protected when making the iso, the user will be prompted to continue or not
– update: sector stuff – updated handler to handle udf format disks (BEA01 header instead of CD001)
– update: sector scan – tweaked sector scan for tages a little
– update: sector scan – tweaked the safedisc detection code
– update: sector scan – updated to now NOT stop if a sector 16 read failure happened
– update: sector scan – securom scan updated to handle version 4.x (and probably lower),
which used a different ‘fingerprint’ and some minor tweaks / fixes
– update: sector scan – starforce + starforce keyless scan was heavily updated..
reducing probability of false positives as well as catching some we missed before
– bugfix: sector scan – codelok scan fixed

Download here:

  1. kienmanowar says:

    Latest Public Version:
    v6.1.6 (18th jan 2009)

    Core Code changes:

    – new: enabled the PE Stuff dialog (still in early stages)
    – new: smbios reporting added (misc tools portion)
    – update: pid entrypoint code optimised
    – update: updated resizing core, and squashed a few bugs
    – update: false positive with some anti virus programs is now fixed (gdata and avast)
    – update: folderwatch, task manager, cd/dvd filter driver report, services report and folder
    locations all have right click context menus allowing the data to be saved to file
    – update: uninstaller code tweaked – various fixes on some entries that would not uninstall
    – update: update portion is now tweaked, a bit better and more futureproof
    – update: windows 7 is now detected right and everything is functional (we are windows 7 compatible)

    – bugfix: gui issue when run from context menu (log window will be shown)
    – bugfix: file open doing nothing bug fixed – happened on WinXP with no service packs
    – bugfix: folderwatch – bugfix in window handler, could have caused a lockup in 9x/me systems

    detection additions / changes

    – new: check_protectdisc.asm – added ProtectDisc exact v9.0.0, v9.1.0 & v9.2.0 detection
    – new: check_g4wl.asm – added Games for Windows Live detection (xlive)
    – new: check_steam.asm – added Steam (basic stub) detection
    – new: check_activemark.asm – added ActiveMARK v6.50.767 detection

    – new: check_breakpointcrypter.asm – added Breakpoint Crypter v0.0.79 detection
    – new: check_expressor.asm – added exPresor v1.6.1 (Pro) detection
    – new: check_fearzcrypter.asm – added fEaRz Crypter v2.2.0 detection
    – new: check_hellcrypter.asm – added HellCrypter v1 detection
    – new: check_kratoscrypter.asm – added Kratos Crypter detection
    – new: check_npack.asm – added nPack v1.1.800.2008 + unknown version detection
    – new: check_obsidium.asm – added Obsidium v1.3.6.1 detection
    – new: check_pespin.asm – added PeSpin v0.1 (x64) detection
    – new: check_rdgpack.asm – added RDG Pack Lite Edition v0.4 detection
    – new: check_roguepack.asm – added RoguePack v4.0 Beta 1 detection
    – new: check_rlpack.asm – added RLPack v1.21 detection
    – new: check_simplecrypter.asm – added Simpl3 CrYpT3R detection
    – new: check_xcrypter.asm – added X-Crypter v2.01 detection
    – new: check_zprotect.asm – added in *generic* ZProtect detection

    – new: dongle_softdog.asm – added SoftDog Dongle detection

    – update: check_protectdisc.asm – removed protection level output (basic/pro) when detecting v9
    (this version is all ‘Pro’, no more ‘Basic’ v9 games)
    – update: check_activemark.asm – ActiveMark v6.1.335 detection rewritten
    (thx Nacho_dj for reporting a bug in American McGee’s Grimm Bundle)

    CD/DVD/Image file/sector scan

    – update: sector scan updated to handle various movie protections
    (css/cpmm, cprm, aacs hddvd, aacs bd), this code is still in the experimental stage,
    and needs testing, but seems to work 🙂

    [i] Init cd/dvd sector scan for Drive O
    [i] Detected CSS / CPMM Protection! (0x00000001)
    [i] Region Lock Detected -> RegionBitMask: 00000002
    [.] Region(s) allowed : 2 (Drive region will need to be changed, you have 2 changes remaining,
    your current region is : 1)
    – Scan Took : 0.828 Second(s)

    – bugfix: fixed bug in cddvd sector scanning code (register got trashed) – not critical..

    Download here :

  2. kienmanowar says:

    PROTECTiON iD v6.2.2
    (c) CDKiLLER & TippeX [02/2003 – 03/2009]


    core additions / changes

    – new: incorporated PEiD / PE Tools database usage
    -> additionally displays the protection found via the userdatabases
    -> peid database is expected to be in the same folder as protection id
    and should be called peid_database.txt
    -> petools database is expected to be in the same folder as protection id
    and should be called petools_signs.txt

    – enable/disable: go to Configuration -> Allowed Scanning Types -> peid / petools (3rd party scan)
    – once enabled you can browse the signature files when
    clicking the ‘Extensions’ tab (second icon from the bottom right)
    – note: in cases of multiple hits, the highest probability is automatically figured out and reported

    – new: work on compiler detection began
    -> The compiler detection simply reports what compiler was used to make
    the executable, It can also sometimes report the programming language
    the executable was made with.

    current detections: dotnet, visual basic & visual, some visual c/c++, borland c++, delphi
    enable/disable: Configuration -> Allowed Scanning Types -> Enable Compiler Detection Scan

    – new: tooltip preview (configurable option in the settings – under the gui portion)
    – new: added in drive type reporting in the misc tools section
    – new: added in option in configuration to dedicate 1 cpu to scanning core (if multiple cpu’s are found on the system)
    – new: added in little pause/resume button in the main dialog (green circle when you load pid)
    – new: added in activity reporting on hdd reads, pid is so quick though, you may not notice it,
    � but on large files, its useful because its an indicator pid is doing something

    – update: turned on scan inside microsoft cab files as default
    – update: added more informative comments into pe stuff
    – update: file queue now reports the amount of files it has processed
    – update: updated detection routine to report dll compiled in native mode
    – update: folderwatch cleanup now works and reporting is handled correctly
    – update: updated version info core to handle ‘strange’ exes with fucked version info,
    � or version information that version.dll does not ‘see’
    – update: fixed some imports so that pid now loads on windows nt 4.0 (and probably 3.x)
    � without the system throwing an import missing error and exiting the process
    – update: services now disables itself if the os is 9x/me (9x/me doesnt have ‘services’)
    � shares also disables itself if the os is 9x/me (api not present in these os’es)
    – update: gui -> cd/dvd tools and the folderwatch buttons are now automatically disabled if
    � the operating system is windows 9x/me (ie: less than windows 2000)
    – update: folder location shell32 output now made 9x/me compliant(old comctl32.dll listview issue)
    – update: added in minimize to systray if its set in the configuration
    � if set, pid will minimize itself when its loaded for the first time
    – update: added in another handler for smbios, its quicker, but only available in vista or higher
    – update: windows product key updated code, now should be good for all windows versions except nt 4.0
    – update: windows product key is now also reported for 9x/me
    – update: updated code so that windows 95, windows nt 3.x and nt 4.x do NOT have ownerdrawn menus
    �� (95 couldn’t handle them properly anyway, and nt 3/4 had issues too)
    – update: added battery reporting into misc tool window
    – update: dep reporting done in misc tools information section
    – update: fixed icons in 9x looking too big (now pid looks the same in 98, me, 2k, xp, vista)
    – update: pause / resume is now properly functional
    – update: added in pause checking into the cab file handler
    – update: progress bar resets once scan is complete
    – update: added in animated rect for sizing (work in progress)
    – update: added tooltip to sizer window

    – bugfix: fixed 9x/me crash (bsod) issue in petools stuff
    – bugfix: fixed crash issue when viewing reloc information on some x64 files
    – bugfix: silent exit / crash issue fixed in win2000 server
    – bugfix: fixed position saving bug (reported by Blazkowicz)
    – bugfix: fixed os detecton (win nt was detected as 2000)
    – bugfix: fixed the strange drag -> drop, file added to queue but scanning not started bug
    – bugfix: fix for buffer overrun error when saving a protection log containing lots and lots of files
    – bugfix: folderwatch – fixed crash when trying to add more than 2 folders
    – bugfix: dirty buffer used in folderwatch reporting code
    – bugfix: 9x sizing issue fixed
    – bugfix: fixed some problems with windows 95 original (before 95a, 95b and 95c…) where the versioninfoex struct
    �� is expected to be a different size, this resulted in a failure in detecting the operating system
    – bugfix: various other tweaks & fixes…

    detection additions / changes

    – new: check_protectdisc.asm – added ProtectDisc v9.5.0 detection & detection of ProtectDisc drivers
    – new: check_byteshield.asm – added ByteShield Software Activation Client detection
    – new: check_safedisc.asm – now also detects Safedisc 1 icd file as being protected &secdrv.sys
    – new: check_tages.asm – code updated to detect Tages protection drivers
    – new: check_armadillo.asm – added Armadillo v6.24 (or newer) detection
    – new: check_pcguard.asm – added PC Guard v5.03 detection
    – new: check_themida.asm – added detection for Themida / Winlicense with Hide PE Scanner Option
    – new: check_asprotect.asm – added exact detection of ASProtect v2.3 Build 05.14 & ASProtect v1.40 Build 11.20
    – new: check_privateexe.asm – added Private EXE Protector v3.0 (or newer) detection
    – new: check_stardock.asm – added Stardock Product Activation Module detection
    – new: check_reflexivearcade.asm – added ReflexiveArcade Wrapper – Build 171 and newer detection
    – new: check_realarcade_drm.asm – added in RealArcade DRM Module detection
    – new: check_popcapdrm.asm – added PopCap DRM Protect detection
    – new: check_elefunwrapper.asm – added Elefun Trial Game Wrapper detection
    – new: check_playfirst.asm – added PlayFirst DRM Module detection
    – new: check_oberonmediatime.asm – added detection for Oberon Media Time Protection Module
    – new: check_wildtangent.asm – added detection of the Wild Tangent Wrapper v2.1.2.26 (or newer)
    – new: check_dotnetreactor.asm – added .Net Reactor v3.x Library mode (+ Necrobit) detection
    – new: check_macrobjectnet.asm – added Macrobject Obfuscator.NET 2008 detection
    – new: check_noobyprotect.asm – added NoobyProtect v1.0.x.x and v1.1.x.x – v1.4.x.x.
    – new: check_spicesnet.asm – added Spices.Net Obfuscator detection
    – new: check_pegasyscustom.asm – added PEGASYS Custom Layer detection
    – new: check_serialshield.asm – added Ionworx SerialShield Core.dll & it�s version detection
    – new: check_dotnetguard.asm – added detection of the DotNet Guard HVM Runtime Library Module
    – new: check_eakey.asm – added in EA Key Module detection
    – new: check_sevlock.asm – added sevLock detection

    – new: check_asscrypter.asm – added ass – crypter detection
    – new: check_billarcrypter.asm – added Billar Crypter v2.0 detection
    – new: check_bitfrostcrypter.asm – added Bifrost Crypter v1 detection
    – new: check_cigicigi.asm – added Cigicigi File Crypter v1.0 detection
    – new: check_cryptdmarnar.asm – added Crypt Dmar Nar v0.5 detection
    – new: check_darkavengard.asm – added DarkAvengard Crypter detection
    – new: check_dexcrypt.asm – added DeX-Crypt v2.0 detection
    – new: check_dirtycrypt0r.asm – added DirTy CrYpt0r detection
    – new: check_dhcripter.asm – added DH Cripter v0.1 detection
    – new: check_etcv.asm – added ETCV v1.0 detection
    – new: check_fishpacker.asm – added FishPacker v1.03 & v1.04 detection
    – new: check_flashbackscrambler.asm – added Flashback Scrambler v1.3.x detection (all 3 modes :-))
    – new: check_idapplicationprotector.asm – added ID Application Protector v1.2 detection
    – new: check_freecryptor.asm – added FreeCryptor v0.3b Build 3 detection
    – new: check_gentlemancrypter.asm – added Gentlemen Crypter v1 detection
    – new: check_gkripto.asm – added GKripto v1.0 detection
    – new: check_haccrewcrypter.asm – added Hac-Crew Crypter detection
    – new: check_hipacryp.asm – added HipACryp v0.0.1 detection
    – new: check_icrypt.asm – added ICrypt v1.0 detection
    – new: check_keycrypter.asm – added KeyCrypter detection
    – new: check_lordcrypter.asm – added L0rD Crypter v1.0 detection
    – new: check_maskpe.asm – added MaskPE v2.0 detection
    – new: check_ncode.asm – added N-Code v0.2 detection
    – new: check_nidhogg.asm – added Nidhogg v1.0 Final, v1.1 Beta 1 and [unknown version] detection
    – new: check_novacipher.asm – added NovaCipher 1.0 Beta detection
    – new: check_npack.asm – added nPack v2.0.100.2008 detection
    – new: check_pfecx.asm – added PFE CX v0.1 detection
    – new: check_poherna.asm – added Pohernah v1.02, v1.03 & v1.07 detection
    – new: check_pokescrambler.asm – p0ke Scrambler v1.2 detection added
    – new: check_rdgtejoncrypter.asm – added RDG Tejon Crypter v0.6, v0.7 & v0.8 detection
    – new: check_rewolfdllpackager.asm – added ReWolf DLLPackager v1.0 detection
    – new: check_roguepack.asm – added RoguePack v4.1 detection
    – new: check_scancryptic.asm – added ScanCryptic v2.0 detection
    – new: check_securepe.asm – added SecurePE v1.6 detection
    – new: check_supercrypt.asm – added Super Crypt v1.0 detection
    – new: check_tgrcrypter.asm – added TGR Crypter v1.0 detection
    – new: check_vegancrypter.asm – added Vegan-Crypter v0.7 detection
    – new: check_yokohcrypter.asm – added Yokoh Crypter v1.3 detection

    – new: license_adobelm.asm – Adobe Systems License Manager Module detection added
    – new: license_deploylx.asm – added DeployLX Licensing for DotNet detection
    – new: license_esellerate.asm – added eSellerate Activation System Core Module detection
    – new: license_infralution.asm – Infralution Licensing System for DotNET detection added
    – new: license_isquicklicense.asm – added Interactive Studios Quick License Manager detection
    – new: license_mirage.asm – added detection for Mirage License Protector
    – new: license_sentinelrms.asm – added SafeNet Sentinel RMS Core.dll detection
    – new: license_xheolicensing.asm – added Xheo Licensing Module for DotNet detection

    – new: dongle_biteboard.asm – added Bite-Board USB Dongle detection
    – new: dongle_copylock.asm – added CopyLock Dongle detection
    – new: dongle_marx.asm – MARX Crypto-BOX Dongle detection added
    – new: dongle_rockey.asm – added Rockey2 / Rockey4 Dongle detection
    – new: dongle_sentinel.asm – added detection of the NetSentinel Win32 Client DLL
    – new: dongle_sentry.asm – added Sentry Hardware Lock detection
    – new: dongle_wizzkey.asm – added Wizzkey Dongle detection

    – new: installer_digital_river_downloader.asm – Digital River Download Manager detection
    – new: installer_gpinstall.asm – added GP-Install Module detection
    – new: installer_lymesfx.asm – added Lyme SFX Extractor Module detection
    – new: installer_install_anywhere.asm – added InstallAnywhere detection
    – new: installer_installshield.asm – added InstallShield v15 detection & Installshield PackageForTheWeb Installers
    – new: installer_lindersoftsetup.asm – added Lindersoft Setup Builder Module detection
    – new: installer_omnisetup.asm – added Omni Setup Module detection
    – new: installer_popcap.asm – added PopCap Installer detection
    – new: installer_realarcade_downloader.asm – added RealArcade Download Manager detection
    – new: installer_reflexive_arcade.asm – added Reflexive Arcade Install Wrapper detection
    – new: installer_smart_install_maker.asm – added Smart InstallMaker detection
    – new: installer_visual_patch.asm – added detection for Visual Patch Installer

    – improved: check_starforce.asm
    � – updated to handle those strange starforce 5.60 exe’s that didn’t have version information
    � – updated to handle Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods (russian)
    – improved: check_securom.asm – code updated to detect the drm dyn data module
    – improved: check_protectdisc.asm – added one more older version (v7.7.0)
    – improved: check_codelok.asm – scanning speed optimizations
    – improved: check_sysiphus.asm – optimized detection & scanning speed
    – improved: check_solidshield.asm – update for those strange exe’s and dll’s with no version information
    – improved: check_themida.asm – better version detection (v1.8.2.0 – v1.9.5.0, v1.9.7.0 – v1.9.9.0,
    �v2.0.0.0 – v2.0.2.0, v2.0.3.0 – v2.0.4.0, v2.0.5.0 (or newer))
    – improved: check_acprotect.asm – faster scanning results
    – improved: check_armadillo.asm – armadillo detection code updated
    – improved: check_asprotect.asm – rewritten for better version detection
    – improved: check_xenocode.asm – tweaked detection
    – improved: check_thinstall.asm – updated with another detection method for v3.207
    – improved: check_upx.asm – fixed UPX detection code so it detects upx’ed dlls too
    – improved: check_xprotector.asm – added in another check (this also fixed a possible wrong detection
    ��� of Themida / WinLicense protected DotNet executables)
    – improved: check_vmprotect.asm – made more generic, adjusted version info output
    – improved: check_andpakk2.asm – rewritten, additionally we exactly detect the 2 versions now (v0.06 & v0.18)
    – improved: check_anslympacker.asm � rewritten
    – improved: check_cicompress.asm – tweaked & optimizsed
    – improved: check_exestealth.asm – added in one more generic check
    – improved: check_mew10.asm – tweaked mew 10 detection
    – improved: check_pebundle.asm – updated, now detects on an exe wich didn�t before
    – improved: check_rdgtejoncrypter.asm – added in a more generic detection method
    – improved: check_telock.asm – tweaked TeLock v0.96 detection

    – improved: license_elicense.asm – completely rewritten (better v3.2 & v4.0 detection)
    – improved: license_flexlm.asm – optimized detection & scanning speed
    – improved: license_flexnet.asm – optimized detection & scanning speed
    – improved: license_haspsl.asm – added another check for HASP SL
    – improved: license_interlok.asm – added in one more generic check
    – improved: license_salesagent.asm – optimized detection & scanning speed
    – improved: license_sentinellm.asm � optimized
    – improved: generic speed improvements in almost all license scans

    – improved: dongle_keylok2.asm – updated KeyLok2 Dongle detection for better detection
    – improved: generic speed improvements in all dongle scans

    – improved: installer_7zip.asm – code updated, now detects an exe it never ‘saw’ before
    – improved: installer_installaware.asm – updated to detect a custom version wich was un-detected before
    – improved: installer_installshield.asm – installshield detection is now more generic and improved
    – improved: installer_mscabsfx.asm – microsoft cab sfx format detection is now made better
    – improved: installer_nullsoft.asm – updated to handle nullsoft sfx exe’s with the data in the resource section
    – improved: installer_rarsfx.asm – WinRAR SFX detection updated
    – improved: installer_zylomgames.asm – detection of another variant of Zylom Games Setup

    – bugfix: fixed bug in Cactus Data Shield file scan (discovered by Blazkowicz on acrobat.dll)
    – bugfix: check_obsidium.asm – bugfix in obsidium detection code
    – bugfix: check_polyene.asm – fixed possible crashbug
    – bugfix: installer_redshift.asm – fixed potential bug


  3. kienmanowar says:

    New version : PROTECTiON iD 6.3.5
    Download here:


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