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ARTeam: Hacking Tools Developer Sources Primer v1.0 by Gunther

Hi all,
I’m happy to release something really interesting ..

Hacking Tool Developer Sources Primer v1.0 by Gunther

This is a package donated us by Gunther. It contains a lot of useful tiny programs you can use for your own hack/crack tasks. The interesting thing is that these programs are distributed with full C sources, just using Win32, readme with known limitation, usage and instructions.

We think that this package is an invaluable resource not only for who’s just using the tools, but mainly for who’s willing to write new reversing or hacking tools or just modding those released here. You often get stuck at some point asking yourself “how can I do that function I saw in that tool”, “how can I whois”, “how can I log keyboard” and so on.

These tools are meant to help beginners and programmers.

October 2008
ARTeam / Gunther