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ARTeam: bypassing geolocalizazion with TOR, to download web things..

Hi all,
sometimes you find things that cannot be download from outside a specific country, like for example several trygames programs or some other geo-localized filters.

If you need it’s extremely simple to bypass these limits using TOR

This the procedure more or less

This is a general procedure you can use to bypass any geological block that block you from accessing a specific http resource (it doesn’t works only for the browser, but for any program that opens an InternetOpen connection). It’s useful to change your IP to a specific nation or to take chance of some specific promotions (es.

Anyway here are the steps:

  • You must first of all install TOR, particularly the vidalia bundle distribution (
  • Then configure it and launch just to see that everything works with TOR
  • Close TOR
  • Go to this web address…Code&SO=Asc and take the exit nodes names (first column) of the country (search for the flag icon) you need to exit to. Take care to select those with the bigger bandwidth available.
  • open the torrc text file that usually is found here c:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Vidalia\torrc where username is your WinXP username of course. shocking.gif
  • Then open this file and add at the end a line with the nodes you selected above: for example this one:

Exitnodes ephemer, figure, bob, tor2uk4iravedahs, oinniun, hattor, gigatux

  • Now open again TOR and set the intenet explorer to browse the web through TOR. If you use internet explorer don’t ask me how! Anyway the usual settings are:

If you use Firefox, it helps installing FoxyProxy, an extension that allows to set proxies automatically depending on specific url patterns (for example in order to always anonymously -through TOR- browse some specific sites or some specific URL patterns, helpful this one, to anonymously browse entire domains), or you can use the TorButton distributed with vidalia (but it’s worst).

If you have done all correctly you can use the following site to test how the net sees you:

Hope helps. If someone wants to do a video tutorial of this it’s welcome!