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ARTeam: xFile Generic Tool for Hiding Tools, by anorganix

xFile Released!

The File Update Module increases the size of a file to the specified value. Just enter the “Desired Size” in bytes and you’re all set. Works with all file types, with compressed/packed files also, but files with integrity check are not supported. Also, backup option has been implemented.

The Hide Caption Tool is ideal for hiding the caption of any application. Just build a list with the full/partial captions you want to hide and hit Enable. Changes apply in realtime and checks are made often to hide all instances of the application.

The Junk Cleanup Module is useful for deleting Olly’s UDD and BAK files. Also, there is an option to backup files before deletion (ZIP).

NEW! The Resource Fix Module (based on DreamTheatre’s engine) comes in handy after unpacking. Just rebuild the resources, so that you can edit them without crashing the program. You can also dump the resources to file.

Additional features:
* Drag and Drop support
* file CRC Calculator
* auto-refresh of UDD folder
* auto-save settings
* Hide Caption works faster (Partial Captions are now supported)
* fixed minor UI bugs

get it here:

Have phun!