ArmaG3ddon V1.5

Posted: September 17, 2008 in RE Tools

ArmaG3ddon V1.5

Current Release: v1.5 September 2008
+ minor updates to improve stability
+ fix problem with hardware fingerprints
+ update Arteam Import Reconstructor v1.2.1 (Nacho_dj)
+ Sorted imports
+ Fixed bug for UPX targets in the new Armadillo 6 code

Special Note: This tool has been built using Visual Studio 2005 and is now installed via an *.msi file. Nothing too much has changed other than the use of an installer and where it wants to put the new app.
You can change the default installation folder, also, you must use Control panel / add / delete programs to uninstall the program.
As a result of this change, the resultant d/l is larger due to the installer program.

get it here:
  1. kienmanowar says:

    Version 1.5.1 is out now

    the installer has been removed, it was asking for .net framework, even if the program is pure c++.

    Anyone that used the *.msi package should uninstall the program using Control Panel >> remove program, Then they can use the new package (which doesn’t use the installer).

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