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ActiveMARK Decrypter 1.0

Posted: September 17, 2008 in RE Tools

ActiveMARK Decrypter 1.0
ActiveMark programs are like compressed and crypted archives, containing different files, like zip. This tool help you extracting and decrypting them

Released Summer/2008

– Provides information about ActiveMARK protection on any file.
– Identifies the protection version.
– Unpacks & decrypts the content of any ActiveMARK protected file.
– Allows an internal analysis of the content of every compressed file within the encrypted container.
– It works statically (none executable is launched).
– Detects automatically the language in your system.

How to use:
Select first any executable. Then you can decrypt any external file associated to it, using the Uncompress key.

Note: Any ActiveMARK encrypted file is similar to a .zip or .rar file, containing several files in its inside.

Coded & designed by Nacho_dj/ARTeam

Download here:

ArmaG3ddon V1.5

Posted: September 17, 2008 in RE Tools

ArmaG3ddon V1.5

Current Release: v1.5 September 2008
+ minor updates to improve stability
+ fix problem with hardware fingerprints
+ update Arteam Import Reconstructor v1.2.1 (Nacho_dj)
+ Sorted imports
+ Fixed bug for UPX targets in the new Armadillo 6 code

Special Note: This tool has been built using Visual Studio 2005 and is now installed via an *.msi file. Nothing too much has changed other than the use of an installer and where it wants to put the new app.
You can change the default installation folder, also, you must use Control panel / add / delete programs to uninstall the program.
As a result of this change, the resultant d/l is larger due to the installer program.

get it here:

Modified Execryptor
Modified THEMIDA
Add the possibility of deleting all points of stopping Remove all breakpoints
auto path UDD & plugin
Reference Search directly from the toolbar
Show offset in status bar
Amendment to show the number of additions to the list
Additions located

1 – advancedolly.dll
2 – analyzethis.dll
3 – API_Break.dll
4 – bookmarks2.dll
5 – cmdbar.dll
6 – HideOD.dll
7 – NonaWrite.dll
8 – ODbgScript.dll
9 – OllyBugfix.dll
10 – OllyDump.dll
11 – OllyMoreMenu.dll
12 – PhantOm.dll
13 – Poison.dll
14 – ustrref.dll

This amendment took me time so there is no difference between them and the original
They accept each others additions modified
Do not forget pray for me and my family

Download link :